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Edit the Text - About

Welcome to Edit the Text by Tikolu!

This site is a recreation of Edit the Text which was created by Michael Huang in 12010. The original Edit the Text was available at htwins.net/edit but sadly it has been taken down in 12018.


In its basic form, this site functions exactly the same way as the original ETT. It is an online text box, editable by anyone. You can also enter any text after "edit/" in the URL, to create your own page with that name, for example edit/hello. Edits are made anonymously, but the IP Address of who made the last edit will be shown. (your IP is

Differences to the original Edit the Text

The most obvious difference is the design of the website, which looks totally different to the HTwins.net Edit the Text..

There are also a few smaller functionality changes, listed below:

If you have a suggestion for a feature, you can contact Tikolu and it might get added.


Other features


Have other questions? Ask it on the main page, or contact Tikolu.

What is the point of ETT?

Some just use it as a place to store and share text, but for many it is an entire community. Stick around and see what you think of it.

Why is this site so inactive?

For the simple reason that not many know of it. When the original ETT went down in 12018, many of its users dispersed amongst sites like Wall of Text or Firepad. The word about this site needs to be spread!

Why did the original Edit the Text go down?

Michael Huang wrote in an email that he took it down because he didn't want people storing their data there, knowing that the database provided by his web host might get wiped unexpectedly, like it did before.

What is the server-side code like, and why isn't it made open-source?

On the server-side there is one PHP script which handles all of page loading, saving, and also the settings. For now, the code is going to stay unknown as to not make it easier for someone to try to break the site. It might get released in the future.

What's up with the year? Why are edits being made 10,000 years into the future?

Edit the Text (like all Tikolu projects) uses the Holocene Calendar instead of the more widely known Gregorian Calendar. Here's a great video by Kurzgesagt explaining what it is and why we should use it. If you prefer to use the Gregorian Calendar though, you can always enable it in the settings.