Spot the Difference

Spot the Difference is an online game in which you have to select the difffering tile between two grids.

Edit the Text

An online text box anyone can edit. Inspired by Edit the Text developed by HTwins which sadly does not exist anymore.

i - image upload

i is a minimalistic image hosting service which is completely free to use.

Font Changer

Font Changer allows you to change text to Unicode Fonts.

Minecraft Username to UUID

A simplified version of Mojang's API for getting the UUID of a Minecraft username.

MCPE World Exporter

This program can be used to export worlds from Minecraft Pocket Edition if your "Storage Type" is set to "Application" in Minecraft Settings.


fractal.py is a very simple Mandelbrot fractal generator made in Python.


SETTI is a Python library which makes it easier to make bots for Edit the Text.

Colour Editor

A work-in-progress online tool for simplifying an image to a chosen colour pallette.


A simple and quick way to remove nukes from Edit the Text pages.

Human Era Calendar for Windows

Simple tool that enables the Human Era Calendar on any Windows Computer.

Holiday Percentage

Enter the dates on which your holiday starts and finishes to find out what percentage of your holiday is already gone.