Hello, I'm Tikolu, I make Websites, Android Apps, Music, and a few other things.



Discord Server



Whether you have any positive/negative feedback to share about some of my projects, or if you simply just want to chat, feel free to contact me using one of the above methods.


My GitHub, you can find some of my code there.


I sometimes make depressing music.

Google Play

My Android Apps on Google Play


I occasionally post things to Reddit.


My YouTube channel, don't ask me what's going on there.


Combine two emojis into one and share them with your friends. Thousands of combinations are available.

Edit the Text

An online text box editable by anyone. Inspired by Edit the Text on HTwins.net, which sadly does not exist anymore.

Pixel Sandbox (beta)

Develop your own custom filters and patterns, by using a block-based programming language to process images on a per-pixel basis.

Spot the Difference

An online game in which you have to select the differing tile between two grids. Compete with other players for the #1 spot on the leaderboard.


i is a minimalistic image hosting service which is completely anonymous and free to use.


Copied an image and need it as a file? Use Paster to instantly download it

MCPE World Exporter

A Windows program which exports worlds from Minecraft Pocket Edition if your "Storage Type" is set to "Application".


A really simple tool which shows your current altitude in real time.

Accurate Server Time

This online clock is synchronised to the Tikolu server, and can be used to check how ahead or behind your device's clock is.

Font Changer

Font Changer allows you to change any text to fancy Unicode Fonts.

Leaving Cert Point Calculator

For the Irish educational system only. Calculates the total points based on Leaving Cert grades.


Allows the insertion of URI links into places which only accept HTTP links, like Google Docs.

ADB Installer for Windows

One command to install Android Debug Bridge on a Windows Computer.

Minecraft Username to UUID

A simplified version of Mojang's API for getting the UUID of a Minecraft username.

Chrome File Icon

Custom icon for file extensions set to open in Chrome on Windows.


Python scripts for exporting memories and conversations from your Snapchat account.


fractal.py is a very simple Mandelbrot fractal generator made in Python.


SETTI is a Python library which makes it easier to make bots for HTwins.net Edit the Text.


A simple and quick way to remove nukes from HTwins.net Edit the Text pages.

Holiday Percentage

Enter the dates on which your holiday starts and finishes to find out what percentage of your holiday is already gone.

Human Era Calendar for Windows

Windows Registry hack that enables the Human Era Calendar on any Windows Computer.